Allett Hold Dealer Training Day At Farol Ltd (Twyford)

Allett Hold Dealer Training Day At Farol Ltd (Twyford)

We held our annual dealer training day at Farol Ltd (Twyford) last week. This is a great opportunity to meet up with our dealers and their sales team (old and new) face to face and get hands on with the Allett products. We are committed to supporting our dealer network with excellent training content and delivery so they have all the knowledge to confidently demonstrate our products in their everyday sales activities.

''It was great to meet up with the Farol Golf and Turf sales team and showcase the Allett professional product range. We have a great fit of products for their customer base whether it be their high end customers such as professional football clubs and universities right down to the bowls clubs and homeowners with larger lawns. Allett and Farol have worked hand in hand for many years with Farol being well known as being industry leaders and one of the best dealerships in the United Kingdom. We are extremely proud to be associated with them and we look forward to working with them and their customers''. (Steve Robinson, Allett Sales Manager)

Allett's After-Sales Manager Steve Copnall was on hand to run a series of demonstrations with products from our Professional range such as the Allett C27E, C34E and Uplift 86E which are mowers that make up the majority of our demonstrations at the moment. Sales representatives from the various Farol branches were present at the day and had the chance to get their hands on the latest Allett products.

''It's been a great overview of the product learning how they work, the benefits of them and the battery technology which is going to be massive for our business especially in stadiums and built up areas. Allett have got a wide range of machinery on offer to suit all customers whether it be football clubs, bowls clubs, universities as well as homeowner to professional grounds. Mike Wheeler, Area Sales Manager, Hinckley

The Farol's Sales Team present:

Darren Jones

Ian Royston

Stuart Stacey

Richard Ainslie

George Collingwood

Mike Wheeler