Dealing with Worm Casts on Your Lawn

Dealing with Worm Casts on Your Lawn

Have you noticed tiny mounds of soil built up on your lawn? Are you smearing soil all over your lawn with your cylinder mower? Worm casts mostly appear in the autumn or winter but can crop up at any time of the year.

Worm casts are created by earthworms. These worms consume and digest organic matter in the soil. They then expel it from their gut onto the soil surface. This creates the coil of smooth soil which we call worm casts.

For many years gardeners and turf professionals have used chemicals to get rid of worms in their lawn however legislation has removed these products from the market and of course we don't wan't to be harming worms! Worms can be extremely useful in your lawn. They are a natural method of cultivating and improving soil. They 'eat' soil and thatch in the turf and help to break down other organic material on the surface of the grass. These materials are mixed and digested by the worm then excreted as a worm cast. This is the part we don't like as lawn owners! Worm casts can be a nuisance in the lawn care industry. Especially on fine turf lawns such as golf courses and bowling greens. These sports rely on a smooth surface to roll a ball on. A golf green dotted with worm casts can become unplayable. Underneath the lawn, earthworm activity helps to create space for the movement of water, air and nutrients – the key elements needed for healthy grass plants.

What do do about worm casts

      1. Use your Allett brush cartridge to sweep them up.
      2. Use your Allett scarifier cartridge
      3. Mow regularly aswell as undertaking regular cultivation practices.
      4. Collect your grass clippings
      5. Keep leaves off your lawn in the Autumn/Winter months.
      6. Aerate your lawn regularly-Worms are more active in wetter soils
      7. There are chemical ways to get rid of worms but we are NOT going to talk about that!
      8. Get the rotary out!

TOP TIP- Try replacing your front roller with the auxiliary wheel kit to stop your mower smearing the worm casts all over your lawn.