Czakó Erik

Get To Know Our 2019 Creative Stripes Champion Czakó Erik

Allett Mowers is proud to run the ever-popular Creative Stripes Competition every year. We have run the competition for over 7 years with lawn enthusiasts from all over the globe, cutting their lawns in different, exciting and creative ways. You don't have to use an Allett Mower to enter although this year's winner did! We were overwhelmed by the number of entries we received this year for the Allett Creative Lawn Stripes Competition including entries from over 10 different countries. Entries came from England, Wales, Netherlands, Scotland, USA, Sweden, Hungary, Ukraine, Denmark and France. Once all the entries were collated, a panel of Allett experts whittled the entries down to just 6 lawns for the judge to decide who had the most creative striped lawn. Allett were pleased to invite last year’s winner, Keith Smith to judge the final 6 entries. As announced in a previous blog and on social media, the winner of the Allett Creative Stripes Competition 2019 is Czakó Erik from Hungary. His entry was a striking, chained theme, which is technically very difficult to produce. The design combines a traditional and regimented striped lawn while incorporating a contrasting mirrored swirl. Creative Stripes Winner - Erik Czakó | Blog | Allett Mowers When talking about his entry, Czako Erik said, “I wanted to mix circles and squares in such a way to show both of them. It's a simple pattern but hard to make it accurately because of the contact points of the mower. It took me three hours to complete in total using an Allett Kensington 14K.” Czako Erik added, “I work for a delivery food company and play football in league four. When I was a child, I watched English Premier League football matches and dreamt of playing on amazing pitches like the ones I saw on TV. In Hungary, the pitches aren't as high quality as UK pitches, so I decided to make a lawn like one. Hungary’s gardeners told me it wasn't possible due to our climate. However, I got advice from English groundsmen, and my dream came true.” The team at Allett are really proud of all of the entries into this year's competition, the bar has been raised for 2020. We cannot wait to see what next years lawn enthusiasts from around the world come up with. Find the video here