GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS DAY - Felix Traub (Perfect Green)- Germany

GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS DAY - Felix Traub (Perfect Green)- Germany

Today (Thursday 20th January 2022) is 'Get to Know your Customers Day'. We reached out to a number of our Allett customers from the homeowner to the professional groundsmen to find out more about them.

Felix is a very passionate knowledgeable lawn-care enthusiast based in Germany. He uses an Allett Liberty 43 battery cylinder mower on his home lawn and is soon to trial our Allett Stirling so we look forward to a vast amount of lawn photos and videos coming our way! He has one of the most outstanding lawns on instagram and cuts 4-6 times a week so really emphasises the need to cut little and often.

1. Name/Job
Felix Traub. I work in Technical Product Development

2. Family status?
Married, 2 children

3. Where do you live?

4. How did you get into lawn-care?
Through my own home and the urge for perfection ;-)

5. What's your lawn journey been so far? Did you renovate your lawn from scratch?
I redid it a total of 3 times until I was satisfied.

6. What grass seed do you use?
The main seed is Poa Supina

7. How many times a week do you cut? What height of cut in general?
I mow 4-6 times a week at approximately 15-17 mm

8. What Allett mower do you use? What do you like about it?
The Liberty 43, no petrol, no noise, no maintenance

9. What's your favourite cartridge?
Verticut and 10 Blade cutting cylinder

10. What are the biggest challenges you face with your lawn?
High loads from children in the play tower area

11. Any hobbies?
No time for other hobbies, the lawn steals my last minutes ;-)

12. Favourite food?
Filet of beef with chips

13. Dream holiday destination?

14. Which three people would you invite to dinner - famous or not!
Only My wife without the children! :)

15. If you could invent a lawn tool/ new mower what would it be like?
A robotic mower with Cylinder mowing technology

16. What are your lawn plans for 2022?
Making the surface more even

17. Have you got any social media channels for us to follow?

18. Any tips for lawn-care enthusiasts to help them get a better lawn?
Watch our YouTube channel regularly and you will get all the tips you need!

For those reading this that are based in Germany we have a great dealer for you in Wassenberg Gmbh- Please contact them for further information