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In our recent series of blogs, we chatted to Allett user James Sheridan about his experience with Allett Mowers and his history in lawn maintenance. To celebrate St Patrick's Day we thought we would take a look back at his story.

Name: James Sheridan

Allett User Story - James Sheridan | Allett Mowers UK

Where do you live?

Dublin, A suburb called Clonsilla about 10kilometres for the city centre, I live in a normal semi detached house built in early 1970s. My lawn is about 110 metres squared

What got you interested in achieving a beautiful lawn?

My father in law always had a nice lawn and I really admired it. We got an extension on our house about 5 years ago and put al ot of glass at the back, so every time I'm in the house I see the garden. I think a nice garden is an extension of your house, so since the house renovations I have been transforming the garden. It's been about 4 years now . Nearly there. Although are you ever finished with the garden?

User Story - James Sheridan | Allett Mowers UK What an incredible transformation!

Why did you choose an Allett cylinder and what machine have you got?

I always used a regular electric rotary mower , a simple mower that you can get in any shop. This was giving me a nice lawn, as I used to mow often and add some standard fertilisers. Last year I wanted to "up my game" and started to do some research online about nice lawns and striping the lawns. For the first time I understood what the different mowers do. For example, cylinder mowers give a more precise cut. I finally decided to purchase the Liberty 43. Well I bought it and told the wife that it was her wedding present for me. After a few weeks she was ok and now loves the lawn but she wouldn't tell me that.

What are your thoughts on the Allett Liberty?

It's quiet, easy to use and there's no messing with oil or petrol. Charging of the battery is like charging a smartphone and it gives me beautiful stripes. There's no engine servicing, the cartridges are easy to operate and its wireless, so no extension leads. Considering its quality , I am not saying it's cheap but I found it good value compared to its competitors. It gives me hours of pleasure so surely you cant put a price on that?

What are your thoughts on the Allett scarifier cartridge?

Brilliant, I bought a scarifier cartridge last month, to be honest two years ago I didn't even know what scarifing was. I have used it twice so far and removed so much thatch. A week later my lawn was looking so healthy. Top tip. When you are using it for the first time do not have your mower on the lowest setting, some of my lawn got beat up . It's ok now after two weeks.

Tell us about your lawn journey so far

When we moved in 8 years ago there was no lawn, it was an over grown back garden with big random trees planted everywhere. As I said previously, when we extended the house, the garden is visible from most of the house. This brings the garden into the house so it's a much nicer space when the garden looks well. We designed the garden ourselves and got a contractor to lay the paving . I did all the planting and soft landscaping myself. We ensured that we had lots of grass in our design in a time when everyone was paving theirs. I am delighted I did.

Tell us a little bit about your passion for getting people interested in cylinder mowing in Dublin

Well, I'm in my 30s .. my lawn at the moment is looking very well and friends of mine are interested in how it looks like it does as traditionally we associate nice lawns with football stadiums and stately homes that have gardeners or golf courses. However , with the increasing homeowner range of fertilizers, lawn You-Tubers, cylinder mowers on the market and the inspiration from other home lawns it is now achievable. I started an Instagram account @thegrassmanireland to assist other homeowners on having a nice lawn. I'm not a green keeper or landscaper just someone who enjoys the garden and mow. I think Allett as a brand do a brilliant job. To be in business for over 50 years in 2020 is a huge honour. I have found them and their distributors brilliant to deal with. Allett also have great easy to understand videos on YouTube and an office based in the UK where you can actually talk to a human.

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