allett stirling bowling green

Get Your Bowling Green Ready for the 2023 Bowls Season: January Preparations You Can't Miss!

We are just 2 months away from the Bowls season in the UK. Here are a few tips for January on what you should be doing on your bowling green.

To prepare a bowling green for the upcoming season in January, it is important to minimise foot traffic on the surface, especially when frost is present. The following steps may also be taken where conditions allow...

1. Maintain a winter height cut of 8-10mm if necessary and possible. You should be maintaining this height throughout the winter. Don't let it get out of hand.Longer grass will encourage disease.
2. Inspect and maintain all machinery and irrigation equipment, service and replacing any worn or damaged parts.
3. Check for any diseases or pests and seek professional advice if needed.
4. Remove any leaves/other debris from the surface.
5. Aerate the green by spiking it, but only when conditions are suitable. You can deep tine it down to 200mm twice a month. This will relieve any compaction.
6. Maintain any fences or hedges surrounding the green
7. Take a look inside your clubhouse- is there any jobs that can be done while it's still cold and wet?
8. Liquid seaweed can be used to help fend off fusarium
9. Get rid of worm casts. Your font roller on your cylinder mower will smear the worm casts. To prevent this you can use a 'switch' or replace your front roller with the auxiliary wheel kit and use the Allett brush cartridge. Worm casts left untouched and make an ideal seed bed for weeds.

It is important to note that the specific steps and timing may vary depending on local weather conditions, and the condition of the green.