Chelsea Flower Show 2019 Flower Display

Taking Inspiration From The Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show is almost upon us, displaying everything from fantastic and fanciful gardens to classic and elegant indoor plants, the show makes everyone want to improve their garden in one way or another. We decided to look back over the past few years of the annual flower and gardening show for inspiration, as we prepare for the Chelsea Flower Show 2019. Chelsea Flower Show 2019 Flower Display But first, if your reading this and are wondering what is it we are talking about the allow us to give you a bit of insight. The Chelsea Flower Show is among the most famous flower and gardening shows in the UK, which gathers some of the most talented designers and plant and flower specialists who present their latest and greatest creations. The show has even drawn the attention of the Queen and other members of the royal family over the years. Chelsea Flower Show 2019 Garden Display More than anything at the annual flower and gardening show, what we love, more than anything are the show gardens which feature fantastic flower displays and stunningly maintained lawns. The Chelsea Flower Show really proves that a nicely kept lawn can be the key to set off a garden. Mowing correctly throughout the proper times of the year will keep grass looking it’s best. Which generally means cutting once a week in autumn and spring and twice a week in summer. But to ensure you achieve a healthy and beautifully maintained lawn you may find that you have to do more than just mowing. The Allett cartridge range are designed to help you get the very best out of you Allett machine. Precision engineered, they offer a perfect fit and are very easy to attach to our range of homeowner mowers. The Liberty 43 battery cylinder mower for is designed to be compatible with all our cartridges in our range. Take a look at our lawncare calendar to help you achieve a fantastic and healthy lawn. Chelsea Flower Show 2019 Garden Display 2 For a Chelsea Flower Show standard garden, you need strong lawn stripes, entrancing flowers and garden decor that can help put your garden at the top of the class and be the cause of envy amongst your fellow gardening friends and neighbours. Our annual lawn stripes competition can give you some insight or inspiration to what your garden could look like too! Take a look at last years winner. Allett Lawn Stripes Competition Winner When it comes to mowing your lawn, a cylinder or rotary mower will do the job with a fantastic finish to healthier gardens. Make sure you adjust the frequency with which you mow and the height of cut with the seasons but always resist the temptation to cut too close. Allett mowers are reliable, expertly-built, and well-proven grass-cutting cylinder mowers capable of producing a seemingly effortless five-star finish to every lawn on which they are used. Shop the Allett Mowers homeowner range. For more gardening inspiration, insights and news on the Chelsea Flower Show 2019, visit their website at