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The Benefits of Battery-Powered Mowers at Your Sports Club or School/College

Over the past decade, hundreds of companies worldwide have forged ahead with new alternative methods of power when it comes to their products. Many car manufacturers now have an electric model in their showrooms and we feel that the mower should also have a battery-powered alternative for groundsmen and women up and down the country. Battery-powered technology has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years. Gone are the days of endless charging and swapping batteries out mid-cut. Today’s technology is now in a place where the battery-powered mower is a solid alternative to petrol mowers. For the vast majority of sports turf professionals, the latter option of utilising a mower with a wire power source was never really an option. You have hundreds and thousands of square footage to cut and trailing wire behind you was never an option. But, you will utilise a petrol-powered mower instead. Times are changing and the team at Allett have cooked up a range of environmentally friendly, battery-powered mowers that are suitable for any pitch, lawn or field. We predict we will not be making petrol powered machines from 2025 onwards. Our current PRO RANGE battery-powered mowers include:
Two mowers that are more than capable of cutting exquisite lawns and pitches, all while being environmentally friendly.

But, what are the real benefits of utilising a battery-powered mower?

1: No Fuel Storage - If you are utilising a battery-powered mower, exclusively for the upkeep of your facility, then you won’t need to store copious amounts of petrol therefore no spillage issues occur. Not only is it a huge tick for your health and safety, getting rid of all of the flammable materials but you will also save money. Which brings us to… 2: Charging - Battery charging (approx 40p a charge) costs less money than it would cost to fill up your mowers, meaning you will save your organisation money in the long run. Batteries can be taken out so you don't have to plug your mower into a wall. Both machines can run on one battery at a time whilst the others are charging. 3: Quality - Our battery machines are built to the same high quality standards as our petrol machines and even have exciting new innovative features. 4: Noise Levels - Allett’s range of battery-powered mowers offer the user a lot less when it comes to sound. The C34E is actually the quietest Allett mower yet at just 71dB to the operators ear allowing groundsmen to mow during training sessions or after games whilst pitch-side interviews are taking place. 5: Cross Usage - Depending on the facility you manage and the size of the pitches you have to cover, we’re guessing that you will have a few mowers to make easy work of the space you have. The best part of having a battery-powered mower from Allett, is that the batteries are interchangeable between models. If you have both a C34E and an Uplift 86E, you can swap and change the batteries between models with zero hassle. You can also insert the batteries into different greenworks products e.g. leaf blowers, chainsaws and hedge cutters for example. 6. Environment/Health benefits- There are no harmful emissions being emitted into the environment from a battery mower. This will of course help global warming aswell as being much more healthier for the operator who isn't breathing in harmful PM 2.5 particles. Batteries can charged off renewable energy sources. A recent study by Keele University identified that ‘a number of pollutants emitted from small scale internal combustion engines can potentially cause impact to human health, through both short and long-term exposure. ''The use of Li-ion batteries for the described application will seek to mitigate against all health and environmental concerns related to lawn mower application, given that at the point of use the lawn mower will have zero emissions to the environment’'. 7. Low hand arm vibrations- Vibration white finger can be quite a concern when using some petrol powered machines that vibrate substantially. There are very low levels of hand arm vibrations in battery powered products meaning they can be used for long periods without harm. Symptoms of vibration white finger include;
  • Numbness or tingling feeling in your finger tips.
  • Fingers or finger tips turn white due to restricted blood flow.
  • Loss of grip which may degenerate up to disability of the hands.
  • Aggravation of the general condition in cold weather.
  • Vibration white finger symptoms can be very frustrating and, in extreme cases, lead to accidents. Numbness and tingling feelings affect the ability to perform very simple tasks such as handling small objects or pressing buttons.
8. Sustainability- Your club can do your bit for the environment whilst meeting your clubs sustainability criteria. See the PREMIER LEAGUE sustainability table here Whether you are looking to cut cost or reduce your carbon emissions, battery-powered mowers are the way forward for any organisation. If you would like to discuss any of the Allett battery-powered mowers with us, please get in touch with the team today. Find our video on the benefits of battery power below For handy videos, check out our YouTube channel.