The Best Xmas Gifts from Allett For Under £50

The Best Xmas Gifts from Allett For Under £50

Let’s face it, the Christmas season can be hectic trying to work out what to get everyone. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably already started shopping — or you’re about to start it any moment now. Even with all of this preparation, however, many people still have trouble coming up with new, unique ideas every year. If you’re feeling stuck and aren’t sure how to tackle your Christmas shopping this year, we understand; that’s why we put together this helpful guide. No matter your budget or the interests of the people on your list, there is an ideal Allett gift under £50 for almost anyone on your list. These affordable gifts from Allett are some of our top picks for the season.

1. Allett Bobble Hat

A bobble hat is an excellent gift for anyone who likes to spend a lot of time outside on the chilly UK Autumn and Winter days. This warm and durable hat will protect your head and ears from the cold and weather and can be worn for almost any outdoor activity. For a gift that both protects your head from the elements and looks stylish, this is a great choice.


2. Allett Dad Hat

Another great gift for outdoorsy people is a stylish and functional Allett Dad hat. This cap is made from 100% chino cotton twill and has an adjustable strap with an antique buckle. This makes it a great gift for men and women, no matter their interests or hobbies. This cap comes with the Allett logo stitched onto the front, making it an excellent gift for people who love the Allett brand. It will keep the sun out of your eyes when mowing!


3. Allett I'm Sexy and I Mow It T-Shirt

For the person in your life who loves to joke and laugh, this “I’m Sexy and I Mow It” T-Shirt is a hilarious gift that is sure to please. This t-shirt is made of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton and comes in a variety of sizes. For anyone who loves to laugh and make others laugh, this t-shirt is sure to be an amusing and functional gift. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women.


4. Allett Unisex Hoodie

For the people on your gift list who spend a lot of time outside, a hoodie is an excellent, stylish gift. This hoodie is made from 50% pre-shrunk cotton and 50% polyester and comes in a variety of different sizes. Great for those cooler mowing days! The Allett logo is stitched proudly on the left breast.


5. Allett Pro Cylinder Mowers Since 1965 Mug

Whether you're drinking your morning coffee, evening tea, or something in between – this ceramic mug is for you! It's sturdy and glossy with a vivid print that'll withstand the microwave and dishwasher.


Looking to spend a little more?

6. Allett QCDS QC Cartridge Stand

The QC Cartridge Stand is the perfect option from Allett’s mower accessories to keep your Allett cartridges in order and have them on show. Allett QC Cartridge Stand has the capacity to hold three cassettes and can be wall-mounted or free-standing to save space in your garden shed/garage.


7. New Grooved Roller Coming Soon!

The grooved roller has 23% of its surface area in contact with the ground compared to 100% with the smooth front roller therefore only 23% of the grass is being layed down ahead of cutting and more grass is presented to the bottom blade. This will give you a cleaner cut leaving less stragglers. Straight lining is much improved with the grooved roller. The mower mows more truly because of the grooves rather than slipping with the smooth roller in certain conditions.

Benefits of the Grooved Roller:

- A much cleaner cut

-No scalping compared to the auxiliary wheels

- Great for thicker/established dense grasses where striping isn't paramount but quality of cut is.

-Improved straight lining

Note we are offering the grooved front roller as an optional extra. You will need to re-fit the smooth roller to achieve the very best stripes. The smooth roller is also better in wet conditions.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for the launch of the grooved roller

8. The Big Gift- Allett Liberty 43

Looking to spend big on your loved one? The Liberty 43 is our most popular cylinder mower and will give the loved one in your life years of joy.

Supplied with a 40V4Ah Battery and charger the Liberty 43 is our 17″ self-propelled cylinder mower in the Liberty Range of battery-powered cylinder mowers. This mower allows you to insert a range of cartridges for various lawn-care tasks you need to be doing to achieve a beautiful striped lawn. You can purchase additional cartridges for future birthday and Xmas presents as and when you need them. You can purchase the Liberty 43 via your local Allett Dealer who will look after you for years to come or direct from us at Allett

Please ensure they have a lawn flat enough for a cylinder mower before purchasing. Feel free to give us a call for some advice or send us some photos via social media of the lawn 01889 271503



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