The Perfect Football Pitch Mower

The Perfect Football Pitch Mower

As a football club or association in charge of maintaining a healthy presentable football pitch it can be important to make sure that you find the perfect football pitch mower for the job. But which mower is perfect for you and your requirements? You need a mower which provides high-quality precision providing a level, healthy surface which is thatch free and has good drainage capabilities to avoid flooding and of course strong stripes. Besides you’re not talking football or Allett Mowers without talking about strong striping. So which mower is right for you? Do you need petrol or battery-powered mower? Do you need a mower compatible with multiple cartridges? We’re going to go through a few of the different options which we provide here at Allett Mowers and help you determine the right mowers for you (if you don’t know already). Want to see our full range of professional/sports cylinder mower range for yourself?

Cylinder Mowers

Buffalo - our most popular petrol cutting machine only

This petrol mower is a great all-round cylinder mower as well as a fantastic football pitch mower from the Allett professional range. The Buffalo is equipped with a reliable GX120/GX160 Honda engine and available in a variety of cutting widths (20”,24”,27”,34” inch) - the Buffalo 34 being the most popular within football clubs. The Buffalo is capable of producing a first-class eye-catching finish which football pitches are renown for and is well known to work well in wet conditions which groundsmen can be forced to work in at times. An 200m (8 inch) diameter cutting cylinder helps with cutting longer grass There is an optional trailing seat for the Buffalo 34 enabling groundsmen to mow quicker and save their legs- this also has a roller on it further enhancing the stripes! The height of cut range of this machine is adjustable from 10mm-40mm. Typical heights of cut for the playing season are around 25-30mm. The 34'' machine is fitted with a rubber coated three piece rear roller which enables silent transportation across surfaces whilst moving between pitches. Handlebars are adjustable and fitted with anti-vibration mountings which is perfect for reducing the risk of vibration white finger which is a horrible condition caused by using vibrating products for too long. Find out more here...

C34 - Interchangeable Cartridge System (Petrol)

Another petrol-powered mower from the Allett Professional Range. It is the same specification as the Buffalo machine in terms of cutting quality however this mower can be equipped with a range of cartridges for various turfcare tasks. This allows you to complete a various amount of tasks with just one unit saving money on buying other machines. Cartridges can be changed within just a few seconds. Having the perfect football pitch is about much more than just cutting the grass. Turf Rake cartridge- The Turf Rake is primarily designed to lift lateral growth, remove moss and dead material (thatch) from the grass but it does a lot more than that. You can also use it for removal of broken blades of grass after football matches and for removing pitch footprints left by the players. It is proving to be one of our most popular cartridges and now has longer tines for better collection which are secure which means they won't be falling out on a football pitch risking injury to players. Verticut cartridge- This cartridge allows you to cut the lateral grasses that would otherwise be rolled over by your cylinder. It also helps to control thatch levels.
It is also used to control weeds such as Yorkshire fog and meadow grasses. Scarifier- The Powered Scarifier is designed to remove thatch, surface debris and dead moss.The custom designed scarifier helps keep your sports surface healthy and disease free by allowing air and water to penetrate the soil surface, by using steel blades to cut out the unwanted thatch. Our scarifiers also encourage thickening of the turf, as they cut downwards rather than across, meaning the grass is ‘pruned’, causing extra shoots to grow, producing a thicker and healthier turf for a more luxuriant playing surface. This cartridge is much more aggressive than the turf rake cartridge so would be used for serious thatch issues only. Brush cartridge- The Powered Brush is perfect for sweeping away any ugly worm casts or leaves that are marring the surface of your pitch and has been carefully designed to keep your stripes perfect for even longer. It is also great at getting rid of any early morning dew. Brushing prior to cutting also helps the grass stand more upright, meaning a sharper and more uniform cut is achieved, whilst controlling any moss issues and preventing any diseased areas spreading across the pitch. Slitter- Our non powered slitter rotates in direct relationship to the forward motion of the machine, driven by ground contact in order to aerate the soil rather than being machine driven. Slitting the pitch penetrates the surface of the soil in order to make an easier pathway for oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the grass roots. This also encourages healthy, thick root growth and a more thriving grass growth Sorrel roller- It’s important to use a Sorrel Roller on your pitches regularly to allow aeration of the pitch. The Sorrel Roller causes minimum disturbance to the soil for aeration purposes, with round hole penetration rather than slot. This is ideally carried out before fertilising as this allows a better route to the soil. The multi tooth drum will penetrate the surface of the pitch so that surface compaction is relieved – an important process, as this allows air and nutrients to pass easily through to get to the root layer. Sorrel rolling is ideal for fine turf and sports pitches, such as cricket pitches, bowling pitches and tennis courts and is beneficial as opposed to merely piercing the soil, as the small incorporated roller irons out any bumps and keeps the pitch in optimal condition.The sorrel roller pushes hundreds of small holes into the surface of the turf quickly. Roots need air. It’s important to use the Sorrel roller on your playing surfaces regularly, especially on the high-traffic and wear areas to allow aeration of the soil caused by compaction. This is ideally carried out before fertilising as this allows a quicker route to the soil. There are 4 cutting cylinders available; the 6 blade, 8 blade, 10 bladed cylinder and 10 bladed cylinder and groomer. The 10 blade/10 blade and groomer cylinders do not fit into the C34. C20/C24- Take the 6 and 10 blade cylinders C34- Takes the 6 blade and 8 blade cylinders (Take a look at our range of cartridges and accessories here.)

C34E- Battery Powered Interchangeable Cartridge Machine (Electric)

The C34E is the first battery-powered cylinder mower in the Allett Sports/Pro range that takes interchangeable cartridges. The C34E is ideal for clubs who are passionate about doing their bit for the environment and embedding sustainability policies into their clubs. The C34E is a 34'' model and has been designed using an 82V 6Ah battery system. The machine has extremely low noise levels meaning NO ear defenders are required. Groundsmen can cut during training sessions on adjacent pitches without disturbing sessions. The C34E is the quietest Allett mower yet at just 84dB sound power level and 71dB to the operators ear. This machine has also been popular within schools and colleges so far with a large number of machines in our 'Pioneer Programme' being installed. One of the main key benefits of the battery powered system is NO EMISSIONS. There are various studies that have been done explaining how engines produce harmful PM2.5 particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye. If you are a groundsman using a mower for 7/8 hours a day this is going to cause you health issues overtime. There has been a nationwide increase in people suffering from asthma and other breathing difficulties simply because of pollution. Allett C34 Mover The new C34E machine has extremely low hand arm vibration levels which reduces the chances of vibration white finger enormously! This is a growing problem in the industry with groundsmen and gardeners that use machines all day long. Symptoms to look out for include;
  • Numbness or tingling feeling in your finger tips.
  • Fingers or finger tips turn white due to restricted blood flow.
  • Loss of grip which may degenerate up to disability of the hands.
  • Aggravation of the general condition in cold weather.
  • Vibration white finger symptoms can be very frustrating and, in extreme cases, lead to accidents. Numbness and tingling feelings affect the ability to perform very simple tasks such as handling small objects or pressing buttons.
We launched a Pioneer programme for our first 20 owners of the C34E. This was designed in order for us to receive vital feedback on the machine over a period of 12 months in order to make any changes ahead of the main production launch in November 2019. Pioneers included schools, colleges, universities, premier league football grounds aswell as football clubs overseas which gave us a great range of feedback over different uses etc. Other features of the C34E include; built in backlapping, a half speed reduction button no petrol/associated storage problems and easy click height of cut adjustment (8mm-55mm). You are spending approximately 40p for a recharge which will save you a lot of money in fuel bills in the long run! There's also no chance of dropping fuel on pitches etc. Take a look at the C34E in action. Read more about the C34E here

Allett Regal (Petrol)

The Allett Regal is also a very popular football mower. The Allett Regal is regarded by groundsmen around the world as the ultimate large-area dedicated cylinder mower suitable for cricket pitches, sports grounds and other large open grass areas. The Regal is acclaimed for its build quality, work rate and ease of operation. With hydro-static forward and reverse drive, the machine boasts infinitely variable mowing speeds with variable cuts per metre. Power steering with independent braking provides the Regal with exceptional control and turning ability, ensuring you get the job done as easily and quickly as possible. The Regal mower has recoil start and a cutting width of 91cm/36″ or 106cm/42”making this mower perfect for parks, rugby or football stadiums and cricket grounds. The machine is also compatible with the autosteer trailing seat meaning that it’s the prime choice when it comes to precision mowing, creating sharp and defined stripes on your turf. The rear roller is in three sections and is rubber covered for good traction and silent running over hard surfaces. Internally, the rear roller is fitted with hardened steel differential gears, which run in a sealed oil bath. The optional trailing seat also has a rubber covered roller. This machine is also fitted with a high specification hydrostatic unit, combined with a Honda 11hp engine, this transmission system delivers all the power you need. Easy height and cutter adjustment make it simple to maintain a perfect cut. It will give an unrivalled finish on sports fields and large lawns. All machines carry our two-year warranty on parts and labour. Find out more here....


We manufacture 3 rotary mowers here at Allett; the RM34, the Uplift86 and the new Uplift86E. The RM34 was the first rotary mower in our range designed for quick debris collection after matches. The Uplift86E is the upgrade to the RM34 with additional features added after receiving feedback from working groundsmen. The Uplift86E is the new BATTERY POWERED rotary in our range which follows on from our C34E cylinder mower. Lets take a look at them all.....


The RM34 is a 34'' petrol stadium rotary mower originally designed for collecting broken grass blades/divots after matches. It provided groundsmen with such a high quality cut they started using it for cutting pitches regularly. The RM34 produces the most perfect stripes with twin contrarotating blades combining a high lift cut and vacuum system giving the operator increased efficiency. A five-speed gearbox allows the operator to select a comfortable forward speed making the RM34 simple and easy to use, controllable in smaller intricate areas as well as larger open areas where a higher rate is required. The cutting height of the machine is 15-75mm. A fixed strip brush can be added to the front of the RM34 in a soft, medium or hard format which aids striping and dew reduction. Find out more here ….

Uplift 86

The Uplift 86 is a 34'' petrol powered stadium rotary mower manufactured as an upgrade to the RM34. It has a completely new colour scheme and a number of key features that have been added. The Uplift 86 is built on the experience gained with previous models, and the feedback of groundsmen, to create an 86cm/34” solid and dependable stadium rotary mower. Twin contra rotating blades produce a high lift cut and vacuum for increased efficiency while a full width rear roller produces the most perfect stripes. Ideal for debris collection after matches, the Uplift 86 features a five speed heavy-duty gearbox which allows the operator to select a comfortable forward speed with greater control in small, intricate areas. There is high speed selection (up to 6.7km/h (4.2mph), allowing groundsmen to quickly cover large areas for increased efficiency. Reliability and durability are inbuilt in the Uplift 86 with chain self tensioning, bearing protection and solid front tyres running on bronze bushes. The solid front tyres allow a consistent height of cut. The cutting height is completely variable from 1.5cm to 7.5cm (0.59in – 2.3in) with a steel fabricated cutter deck and three piece, full width, steel roller making this a tough, robust and versatile mower. A fixed strip brush can be added to the front of the Uplift86E to aid striping and dew reduction. Find out more about the Uplift86E here.... Allett Uplift 86


The Allett Uplift 86 Evolution is an exciting addition to the Allett Evolution battery powered range. It has been designed to cut and vacuum quickly and efficiently with operator ease in mind whilst still producing strong contrasting stripes. Powered by 4x 82V Lithium Ion batteries the 86E boasts stepless variable forward speeds allowing a comfortable walking speed making it simple and easy to use in intricate areas. The machine offers a height of cut range from 20-50mm and a greener, quieter alternative to help keep your sports pitch perfectly striped and in pristine condition. The height of cut mechanism is centrally located and has a dial to show the height in mm. The Uplift 86 Evolution boasts contra-rotating high lift blades and a wide chute for efficient collection. Hand-arm vibration levels are low allowing safe prolonged usage. The plastic decking allows for optimised air flow and improved collection. There is a half speed reduction for slowing down at the end of the pitch for turning (as seen on the C34E). Interchangeable batteries can also be used in the Allett C34Evolution and other battery products e.g. leaf blowers/strimmers. The batteries connect to a phone app via bluetooth enabling the operator to check battery life, battery temperature and even the batteries location. Batteries will last around 1.5-2 hours and take approximately 1hr30 to charge. The machine can run on just 1 battery allowing you to charge the others as you go. Find out more about the Uplift86E here.... Read the press release here.... See footage on our YOUTUBE channel here