Tom Peters Joins Allett as Quality and Assembly Apprentice

Tom Peters Joins Allett as Quality and Assembly Apprentice

Allett are proud to announce the recruitment of Tom Peters as Quality and Assembly Apprentice. Allett's previous apprentices have all gained full time jobs working at Allett after excelling in their roles.

“Tom has an ambition to become a Product Design Engineer. He has joined Allett on an Apprenticeship scheme where he will work on our Professional assembly line 2 days a week and also in our Quality department 2 days a week.  A further day will be spent at college enhancing his studies. In his first month with Allett, he has already been working with our Professional assembly team.  This will give him a good understanding of all the components that go into a pro machine, as well as how a lawnmower is put together and checked before going out to our customers. With the Quality team, he has been learning about engineering drawings and how to check parts for conformance. This will give him a great understanding of engineering dimensioning and tolerances, as well as different measurement techniques. Overall the experience gained during his Apprenticeship will help Tom grow into a well-rounded engineer capable of designing the products of the future!” (Alistair Gill, Quality Control, Allett)


Can you give us a little bit of background about your apprenticeship? How long is it for/ what college are you at etc

I go to LEMA (Lean Engineering Manufacturing Academy) which is based in Birmingham and I am doing a Level 3 Engineering Technician qualification alongside a technical support technician pathway. I am working 4 days at Allett mowers and 1 day at LEMA. Two of those days I will be in the workshop working on the Professional line and the other two days I am working with the Quality team. My apprenticeship is 3 ½ years long. During these years I hope to have learnt how the lawn mowers work and be able to put one together confidently and gain the correct knowledge to hopefully go onto design.


Can you give us a bit of a background on your life? eg where do you live/ who with? hobbies etc

I live in Stafford with my parents, 2 sisters and brother. In my spare time I love to mountain bike and run. I also have taken up a small hobby which is CAD (computer-aided design). Sometimes I will jump on my laptop and design random things e.g. I have made a bike in CAD software (AutoCAD).

Where did your interest in manufacturing come from?

From a young age I have loved to design and liked the process of having something on paper and it coming into reality. I have always enjoyed helping my parents with home projects. I attended a course for engineering in Hanley at NSEG (North Staffordshire Engineering Group) after I had left school for some exposure to the industry and I found it all very interesting. This made me pursue this pathway even more leading me to my apprenticeship at Allett Mowers.

What are you most excited about working at Allett Mowers? Eg working on mowers that are used at worlds top football stadiums

Working at Allett Mowers really interested me as they are a big company that work with some of the worlds most well-known football stadiums e.g. Old Trafford (Manchester United). I also think that it is a big opportunity to learn and improve on skills as well as personal skills.

What will your new job involve/what are you responsible for?

I am doing two days on the shop floor working with the team on the Pro line making the cylinder mowers for stadiums and professional estates therefore I will be responsible for helping to build the mowers and eventually building them independently. I am also working in the quality sector to gain the knowledge and understanding of how things are checked and the different processes and procedures.


Favourite film?

James Bond Skyfall


Favourite holiday destination?



Favourite food if you had to choose one meal!

Chinese Sweet and sour chicken


Fav Sports team?

Aston villa