What Oil Do I Use In My Allett Mower?

What Oil Do I Use In My Allett Mower?

If you're an owner of an Allett cylinder mower you probably know the importance of keeping it well-maintained to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. One of the essential maintenance tasks is oiling the engine, and choosing the right type of oil is crucial. In this blog, we'll discuss using 10w30 oil in your Allett cylinder mower and why it's a good choice.

First, let's understand what 10w30 oil is. The numbers in 10w30 refer to the viscosity of the oil, which means its resistance to flow. The "w" stands for winter, and the number before it indicates the oil's viscosity in cold temperatures. The lower the number, the thinner the oil, and the easier it flows in colder temperatures. The number after the "w" indicates the viscosity of the oil at operating temperatures, with higher numbers indicating thicker oil.

Now, let's talk about why using 10w30 oil is suitable for your Allett cylinder mower. The primary reason is that it's a multi-grade oil, which means it's suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures. Allett mowers are used in various weather conditions, from hot summers in Australia to the chilly autumn months of the UK and using a multi-grade oil ensures that the engine is lubricated correctly in any weather.

Furthermore, 10w30 oil provides excellent protection to the engine by reducing friction between the moving parts, preventing wear and tear. This, in turn, leads to increased engine life and optimal performance. Using 10w30 oil in your Allett cylinder mower is also convenient as it's readily available from our Allett dealers, local petrol stations and online. It's also relatively affordable, making it a cost-effective choice for engine oil.

It's essential to check the owner's manual for the recommended oil type for your mowers. Additionally, it's essential to change the oil regularly as per the manufacturer's instructions to maintain optimal engine performance. We suggest changing the oil after the first 8 hours of use. The oil should then be changed every 50 hours or at the end of each season before storage, which- ever is sooner.

In conclusion, using 10w30 oil in your Allett cylinder mower is an excellent choice as it provides excellent protection to the engine, works well in a range of temperatures, is readily available, and cost-effective.