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Allett Sandringham 14E Electric Cylinder Mower

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The Sandringham 14E is the perfect electrical cylinder mower that has been designed for keen home gardeners that have a small lawn to maintain but want to maintain an impressive aesthetic regardless.

The lawnmower is a mains electric powered (420W) self-propelled mower, perfect for achieving a pristine cut.

The machine boasts a 35.6cm (14″) cutting width, meaning it is capable of cutting larger surface areas more quickly than your standard mower. It is equipped with a 5 bladed precision cutting cylinder made of hardened and ground steel, complied of 5 curved blades to produce a scissor-like cutting action ensuring the cut is level and sharp.

The cutting cylinder allows the machine to deliver 88 cuts per metre, in 5 pre-set cutting heights from ¼ to 1 ¼ (6mm-32mm).

The Sandringham 14E’s cutting unit incorporates a static rake to tease and lift out dead material, moss and lateral grasses for improved cutting performance, whilst an optional powered scarifier cartridge can be fitted easily in place of the mower’s standard cutting unit.

Handlebars have two height positions to enable ease of use, and it’s also able to be folded. The 32-litre large grassbox is made from sturdy polypropylene. The machine is a total of 52cm (20.5″) in width and weighs a total of 28kg with the grassbox.

All machines carry our two-year warranty on parts and labour.


Product Overview:

  • 14'' self-propelled cylinder mower
  • Recommended lawn size up to 150m2
  • 14''/ 35cm/ 356mm cutting width
  • 5 blade cutting cylinder
  • Optional Scarifier cartridge available
  • 420W electric motor/mains
  • Height of Cut- 6mm to 32mm 
  • 6 pre-set heights of cut 
  • 88 cuts per metre 
  • Handlebars- Two height positions plus folding
  • 32 litre grassbox 
  • Push button start
  • Zinc plated steel front roller
  • Single section steel rear roller - strong striping no wheel marks 
  • 28kg inc grassbox
  • Grass Rake fitted - adjustable 
  • Speeds 1-6 (adjustable)
  • 2 year warranty - parts and labour 
  • Auxiliary wheel kit available for cutting long grass 

Height of Cut Settings

S= 6mm

1= 9mm

2= 13mm

3= 18mm

4= 25mm